Members Testimonials

‘I just love everything about The Hut: I help out on a Wednesday.  The atmosphere is lovely and welcoming.  I like to make other people feel welcome too.’  – Janet

‘Because its friendly, learn about things working there.  A fantastic place gives people a chance to mix and learn.  Happy because of the friendly atmosphere.’ – Rose

‘Its nice an fun here, like doing my pictures, I think it’s quiet and it makes me feel relaxed.’ –Claire 

‘A different atmosphere you can come out of your shell when you come here.  Can’t stop in your bedroom, different environment and nice surroundings.’ – A member

‘Why I come to The Hut, showed me I’m not the only one! A valuable asset for everyone.’ – John

‘Coming to The Hut gives me hope and a place to feel safe and relaxed. Making the most of everyday.’ – A member 

‘Very friendly, teaches me to do different things.  I like the pictures make it feel homely.  Makes me feel at home, happy.’ – Kath

’10 out of 10 like coming fantastic, ace staff, caring staff, friendly.  Its a chill, make cool things, like doing art.  Hutalympics was mint.’ – Simon

‘I come to mix and socialise, I enjoy the company, makes me feel happy, freedom.’ – Louise

‘what I like about coming here, someone to talk too, make a lot of friends, legless sheep!’ – Kelita

‘What I like about The Hut is – everything! I like being here, think it’s wonderful and stops me from being depressed.  Gets me out of the house, makes me feel better.’ – Tracey

‘Like socialising at The Hut and talking to people.  Men’s Lunch Club is a good place where I can talk and listen to general stuff.  The staff are good really.’ – Bill

‘I come for the company, I think its very good – excellent. .  Makes me feel relaxed.’ – Diane