Act of Kindness Award

Every month one of our lovely members, support staff, volunteers or staff members wins our act of kindness award. The winner is either nominated by staff, volunteers or the members themselves. This award celebrates the best part of The Hut and acknowledges the kindness shown by individuals.


Here are our latest winners:

May: John РFor always going out of his way to try and get others involved with going outside to play football at lunch.

April: Toni – For always having a smile and for making laughter journalling the success it is.

March: Jez – For asking people whether they want a drink making for them, all round being lovely to everybody.

February: Lisa – For coming out of her shell and being generally polite to all around her.

January: Jake – Always being polite and considerate with others whilst at The Hut.

December: Janet – Always being helpful to others even if that meant going out of her way.

November: Ian and Kelita – Ian for helping out on a Wednesday whilst we were short staffed. Kelita for stepping up and running the bingo on her own.

October: Lauren – For her positivity around others making people smile with compliments.

September: Natalie – Showing kindness to others and especially to her family.

August: Leon for his amazing contribution to The Hut since joining us on a placement. He put a smile on all the members faces and the members suggested he should be rewarded and acknowledged. Then Richard for being kind and supportive to others, even suggesting that Leon should win the award.

July: David – Lots of effort put into the Bingo calling and taking Kelita under his wing in making her feel comfortable giving the Bingo calling a go.

June: Simon – Very welcoming towards a new member who joined us in June. Simon went out of his way to ensure they felt comfortable and so they could socialise with the rest of The Hut community.