The ASPIRE Programme

To build skills required to engage in meaningful occupation over time.

Due to COVID-19, The ASPIRE Programme is running slightly differently.  for more information please get in touch and speak to Emma.


You will find the following information out about the sessions run through The ASPIRE Programme:

  • Monday Motivation 10.30-11.00 Re-starting September 2021
  • My Journey – Tuesday 11.15-12.15 Re-starting September 2021
  • Stepping Stones – Wednesday 3.15-4.15
  • Moving Forward – Due to COVID-19 this is on hold
  • Men’s Lunch Club – Tuesday 12.15-1.15 Re-starting September 2021
  • Umbrella Support – Re-starting September 2021
  • Hut Scribes – Friday 11.15-12.15
  • Hut Made -Social Enterprise – Due to COVID-19 this is on hold
  • Members Meeting – Thursday 12.45-1.15
  • Next steps -Due to COVID-19 this is on hold



What is The ASPIRE Programme?

Our Service Manager Emma started at The Hut in 2015 and after talking with members realised that some of them were interested in learning and developing skills around meaningful occupation.

My Journey launched in September 2015 and has seen over 30 members be part of our initial programme.

September 2019 saw the start of more groups and the launch of The ASPIRE Programme, after a successful pilot of Stepping Stones.

Monday Motivation

Monday 10.30-11.00 (starting September 2021)

Looking at ways to look after yourself, communicate with some breathing and relaxation techniques, COVID safe


My Journey

A supported open discussion-based group to develop social skills

The group is on a Tuesday 11.15-12.15

You don’t have to book to attend just turn up to a session that interests you.  With all groups they are friendly and very welcoming and open ended, meaning you can come for as long as you are getting something from them. We also go on trips too!

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Budgeting
  • Healthy eating and exercise
  • Families and friendships
  • Independence and safety
  • Confidence building

Stepping Stones

For those who have completed sessions in My Journey and have expressed a goal to continue specific skills building.

Wednesday 3.15-4.15

These sessions focus more on lifeskills, problem solving and everyday life experiences that can be shared in a safe environment and build confidence whilst still having fun.

Moving Forward

1-1 guidance and support tailored to the individual to engage in meaningful occupation.

This is on hold due to COVID-19

There are 3 levels to the Moving Forward Programme.  Members will have a Mentor to support them through the programme and give advice in all aspects of meaningful occupation.

  • Level 1- First Steps:
  • Level 2- Meaningful Occupation
  • Level 3- Work Experience

Level 1 – First Steps

This is for members who want to dip their toes in to something new but are unsure of what.  This is a good place to start, your Mentor will support, guide and develop your confidence for as long as you need.

This can be completed alongside My Journey or on its own.

When you are ready to move on you will get that support from Emma and the team in accessing the next level.


Level 2 – Meaningful Occupation

This is for those members who want to develop those skills learnt in Level 1.You will complete the Moving Forward Level 2 Passport alongside your Meaningful Occupation – this will be fun, interactive and supportive.

Level 3 

Feeling ready to move on and with lots of knowledge and support from your mentor and having a good understanding of what work experience means you will explore different pathways to gain that experience before you move on to our next steps, if and when you’re ready.

Areas of interest could be:

  • Hut Made
  • Games Day
  • Crafting
  • Admin

Men’s Lunch Club

Tuesday 12.15-1.15 Restarts September 2021

The aim of men’s group is for The Hut to offer a confidential safe space for the male members to talk about anything.  It is a non-judgemental space where member’s can debate with one another in a respectful safe environment, express feelings and offer help to others.

Men’s group is open to all men searching for a welcoming sanctuary of safety and understanding. The only requirements are compassion, honesty, integrity, fun and respect.

Hut Scribes

Friday 11.15-12.15

We have a very informal Creative Writing Workshop at The Hut. The aim of the session is to have light hearted fun and a first step in to relaxed writing.

Within the session everyone is encouraged and included.

We have had guest authors in to help us bring out our creativity and gave us ideas on writing.

Exploring being creative, its not always about writing we do so much more, plays, countdown, drawing activities!

Hut Made

Interested in helping make our Hut Made items that we sell as part of The ASPIRE Programme?

You could do this whilst on the Moving Forward programme.

We also hold craft stalls at the York Hospital and in the community of York, this could be an area you might want to help with.

There are also behind the scenes if you prefer that too!

Members Meeting

Thursday 12.45-1.15

Next steps

For those who are ready to move on or want to work on specific areas we will hold one off workshops:

• CV writing
• Interview skills
• Computer skills
• Creative Writing
• First Aid
• Guest Speakers

These will be published on our Website, Social Media and Flyers will be in the Mini Hubble.


Whist we offer you lots to get involved in at The Hut and through The ASPIRE Programme we appreciate that you might want to move on, we will offer advice and guidance to support you in that journey and for you to know that our door is always open.