Our Creative Groups in The Studio



The Studio Timetable


If you require any further information and would like to know more about our sessions or groups please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at info@thehutyork.co.uk or ring us on our main line 01904 652991, our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Monday’s – 11.15am Monday Movement – A gentle chair based exercise to help get us going for the week ahead
  •  1.30pm Some Kind of Drawing – Working with pencils and pastels to enjoy a new way of Art
  • Tuesday’s – 11.15am Creative Art – Exploring the arts with creativity being key in what we create each week
  • 1.30pm Fun With Fabrics – A mixture of one off sessions and big project work that can enhance your creative skills
  • Wednesday’s – 11.15am Sculpture Club – All things 3D, let your imagination run wild with the themes explored each week
  • 1.30pm Anything Goes Crafts – A hands on session, its all in the name, the possibilities are endless
  • Thursday’s – 11.15am Exploring Nature/ Food Glorious Food (Winter) – To help maintain and look after the ground outside of The Hut learning along the way about plants, nature and the environment around us
  •  1.30pm Musical Minds – Learning about music, instruments and having a go with various instruments
  • Friday’s -11.15am Hut Scribes – An informal relaxed approach to creative writing with the emphasis not necessarily on writing
  • 1 .30pm Fun & Bingo – Finish the week with classic games and our popular game of Bingo, or 3.