Our Workshops

Monday Movement

With Ian gentle chair based exercises looking ta movement and using some resistance bands, Nothing too strenuous fun and lots of encouragement by all. Monday 11- 12

Art Workshop

A relaxed art session, looking at different artists and techniques.  You don’t have to be a Picasso to attend this session,  come along on a Monday 1.15

Men’s Lunch Club

“Come join our men’s group”

Tuesday 11:45 – 12:45

Mission statement:

The aim of men’s group is for The Hut to offer a safe space for the male members to talk about any concerns they may have. It is a none judgemental space where each member can have a healthy debate with one another in a respectful safe environment, express feelings and offer help to fellow members. a light lunch is provided

Craft Workshops

We have 4 craft sessions throughout the week at The Hut, all different giving you a chance to explore and learn new skills whilst having fun.  Our sessions are:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 1.15 and on a Friday 11-12 a fun one hour quick craft

Food Craft Workshop

Due to the keen interest from members for 2020 we are doing this session every fortnight.  you are welcome to attend this popular session we ask for you to come early.  These sessions look at healthy eating, trying new foods, practising skills and most importantly having fun.  Started back on Tuesday 7th January 2020 1.15pm

Hearing Voices

Thursday morning 11-12 is the Hearing Voices group held at The Hut, for more information or to inquire about places email Emma Little at emmalittle@thehutyork.co.uk

Hut Scribes

With Emma we have a very informal creative writing sessions at The Hut. The aim of the session is to have light-hearted fun and the first step into relaxed writing. during the session, everyone is encouraged an included. Thursday 1:15-2:15.

Music Education Group -MEG

MEG is a volunteer project at the University of York, providing a wide range of music workshops to many areas of the York Community.

We are lucky to have 2 sessions from MEG:

African Drumming with Lori, a rhythmic fun session working with lots of different drums to make noise  – These sessions are once a fortnight on a Wednesday, they start back again this year on 15th January 2020 2- 3pm  Everyone welcome, it can be a noisy session and takes place in the Mini Hubble

Music Writing with Annabell, its not about being able to read music or even play and instrument its about being creative and having fun with music and words  – This takes place on a Thursday 11- 12 every fortnight started back on 9th January 2020

Other Workshops

From time to time we have specialised workshops at The Hut in the past these have been pottery, glass craft, fine art, printing to name but a few.  We will publish these on the Website Blog, Facebook and Twitter