Update for potential new members

Our service is taking a short break from accepting new members due to a refurbishment talking place in the main building at The Hut.

We are very excited that this will be taking place in the coming months and whilst not ideal to pause our membership for potential new members we feel that this is the best option. The refurbishment will mean we can expand and offer new and exciting activities, workshops and most importantly more fun.

Once we are refurbished and ready to take new members we will post on our website and social media and invite you for a look around.

*A waiting list will be open for those wishing to attend in the near future*

If you would like to talk to the service manager about arranging a visit and being added to the waiting list, please email: emmalittle@thehutyork.co.uk


Thank you for your understanding,

Kind regards,


Last Updated: 21 May 2024 11:47 am