Daleks and Decor

This last week new displays have gone up in The Hut.  Over the past month members in different groups have been working together to produce art work for The Hut to freshen up the snug area and create a beautiful art installation above the coat area.  Mondays Art workshop have worked tirelessly in their group to create a Van Gough inspired piece of art.  They looked at the movement of Van Goughs brush strokes and the vibrant colours that he used.  This was interpreted by the art workshop creating a vibrant background to work on using different colours of tissue paper.  They then created the indistinguishable curves and flow of Van Gough with lots of pieces of different coloured paper.  I think you can agree how dynamic and vibrant the piece looks brightening up a boring corner of The Hut.

    The Snug area has had a face lift over the past month with new furniture and a new display celebrating the many years we’ve been open with hundreds of pictures.  We have tried to create a display celebrating the members the most valuable part of The Hut.  Everyone has loved working on this project looking through all the photos of the past years, seeing all the smiling faces The Hut and its members have created, new members and ones we’ve lost along the way but will always be fondly remembered and be part of The Hut family.  One members father came in and started looking at all the photos and commented saying “how beautiful is this, look at all the lives you’ve touched all the smiles you’ve put on peoples faces” what a lovely statement and brought a tear to Jonny’s eye, but that’s not too hard when it comes to The Hut as many of you will know.  Please come in and have a closer look at all our members past and present.

Jonny was very pleased with himself on Friday with his Dalek craft.  A member had requested to make a Dalek the week before so we obliged.  Members enjoyed making these paper cup Daleks nearly as much as Jonny had planning the craft.

Max has also been up to his tricks creating some funky crafts with members.  Thursday he helped members make some “chilled out” sloths just hanging out.  As always the session is so much fun Max creates a session that is creatively challenging for members but with so much laughter and fun encouraging members to express themselves through the crafts.

It was also another Food Workshop on Tuesday and members made some sweet treats.  They got to use the pop corn maker which was no end of fun especially when it really started popping and we forgot to put the lid on.  Members made some little popcorn bites with butter, golden syrup and marshmallows.  They also made some little fancies using marzipan and dates.  It wasn’t the most healthy of food workshops but you’ve got to have a treat once in a while.


Finally a huge plea on behalf of Emma and Jonny.  As you may already know on Tuesday the 18th of February Emma and Jonny are going to attempt to dance for the entirety of The Huts opening hours.  It is now dawning on them how daunting a task this is especially as Jonny dances like his legs have a mind of their own, its not a pretty sight.  So please support them in any way you can.  You can come in to The Hut and sponsor them, come along on the day have a dance yourself and request a song for a pound to see them dance too or you can donate via the website by following this link ( https://www.thehutyork.co.uk/donate/ ) and the instructions, just in notes state that it is for the Danceathon.



Last Updated: 10 February 2020 12:35 pm