Hut news:

A very good Friday to you all and I hope this finds you all well?

Last Wednesday saw the launch of The ASPIRE Programme, we welcomed members, professionals and The Lord Mayor Cllr Janet Locker and the Sheriff of York Jo Trythall were our special guests.  I gave a presentation outlining what The ASPIRE Programme was and set up a mock Stepping Stones session for those interested in seeing it in action.

We are really pleased to welcome a new member to our team – Kara, she is with us for the next year to mentor the project, with thanks from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for supporting this project and enabling us to have Kara on our team.

For more information please look at the website or come on in and speak with Emma 

Thank you to That’s York TV who came to film with us on our launch day and there is a link on our Facebook to watch this or on

Dates for your diary:

The Hut is busier than every, with the count down to Christmas starting with getting our Hut Made items ready for our Fair which takes place this year on Saturday 30th November, so put this date in your diary: Saturday 30th November 2019 11am-1.30pm

The Hut’s World Cup Pass to Tokyo

Taking place on Tuesday 24th September 2019 10am-4pm

We will be taking part in this sponsored event,  Our team are attempting to pass the ball 5,814 times,(this is the distance in miles from York to Tokyo) so for each Rugby Pass this is equivalent to a mile!

Please help us achieve our target! Sponsor us or come and get involved!

Have a good week everyone and stay safe

Best wishes,


Service Manager

Last Updated: 13 September 2019 4:03 pm