iMUSE coming to The Hut

What is iMUSE?

Come along and try iMUSE at The Hut!

iMUSE provides a space where you can relax, forget the outside world and feel free from anxiety and stress.

IMUSE is an interactive multi-sensory environment. It uses a combination of vibro-acoustic technology, music and visuals to provide a 1-to-1 creative and therapeutic experience.

Each 1-to-1 session lasts for 30 minutes. Our facilitator works with you to find out which sounds, music and visuals help you to relax and focus. They then use these to personalise your iMUSE experience so it’s tailor-made for you.

“iMUSE is really good! I can go into a zone of my own where I can relax and feel free from the negative stresses that I feel most of the rest of the time. It allows me some time out to forget this negativity and it is also helping me to learn to cope better. I’ve found that by concentrating on the visual images I can focus and block out negative thoughts, be creative again, as well as helping me to get through the day more easily.” Joe, mental health service user

Where do sessions take place?

We’ll be running sessions for 12 weeks from February 13th 2018

Where: The Hut Wigginton Rd, York YO31 8HG

When: Tuesdays 2-8 (30 min sessions)

Sessions are free of charge during this initial 12-week period.


To book a session or to find out more contact: or call: 01904 626965


Last Updated: 24 January 2018 1:10 pm