Love Is In The Air

The Hut was all loved up last week.  With all the crafts for the members geared around valentines day so they can make all their lovely cards and crafts for their lucky loved ones.  Max put together some fantastic unique crafts, jigsaw hearts, hand made cards and love bird pictures just to mention a few.  A belated Happy Valentines day to you all from The Hut.

Lorri and the African drum workshop have been in.  This time the session was very relaxed smashing out some tasty beats in the snug area.  Lorri and MEG (music education group) will also be making an appearance on Tuesday  18th February for the danceathon, more on that later.

The Hut would also like to extend a huge thank you to Goodgym.  Goodgym are a community of runners that combines getting fit with doing good.  One of our members support worker is a part of this fantastic group and asked if we had anything they could help out with that may have a physical element.  So Goodgym went round the local area posting The Huts new flyers, they managed the 200 we gave them in 10 minutes,  think next time we will have to give them more so they can get more of a workout.  From this we have had donations one substantial one and 3 new potential volunteers so again thank you Goodgym it may not have seemed like a lot but what it has brought in is massive.  Please check them out and see all the good they do around York

So finally as I mentioned The Huts Danceathon.  Some of you may not know but on Tuesday 18th February The Huts very own Emma and Jonny are attempting the challenge of dancing for the entire day; that’s 6 hours of non stop dancing.  If you would like to support this mad challenge you can follow this link and then simply follow the instructions and just state your donation is for the danceathon you can even donate just £1 and request a song for Emma and Jonny to dance to.  As crazy as this challenge is and as nervous as Emma and Jonny are it will be a great day, come down donate if you can or just simply get involved and have a dance they’re going to need all the help they can get especially Jonny with his two left feet.

Last Updated: 17 February 2020 11:16 am