Music and Food workshops back at The Hut this week

The Huts songwriting workshop has started up again this year with York Universities Music Education Group (MEG) facilitated by the lovely Annabell.  This year along with songwriting skills, the group got their hands on some guitars and ukuleles.  Annabell taught some very simple chords and the whole group had a sing along.  Stephen loved having a strum on the guitar.

The group is really relaxed and great fun.  You don’t have to have any skill in playing any instruments or be able to read music just come along have fun and Annabell will guide you through it and by the end Ed Sheeran will have competition at that number one spot.

The group runs every other week on Thursday morning 11 – 12.  The next workshop will be on 23rd January 2020.  We hope to see you there.

On Tuesday members of the new fortnightly food craft workshop made a Greek salad and fruit skewers.  They developed their knife skills chopping and slicing up all the different fresh ingredients.  Learning different ways to prepare vegetables, and together each table produced a beautiful Greek salad to take home.  Some members had the opportunity to try foods they have never tried before a lot were very adventurous with this.

After the Greek salad had been made it was time for dessert.  Members then had some fun cutting up fruit and creating kebabs to take home.  However not a lot of the fruit made it home the temptation was too much.

This new food workshop is running every other Tuesday.  The aim of the workshop is to give our members some kitchen skills, the opportunity to taste new foods, to learn about healthy foods and how to make them into delicious dishes that they can make at home.  Yes there will be some fun sweet dishes made that may not be the healthiest, but we’re all allowed a treat.  The next food workshop will be Tuesday 21st January at 13:15 – 15:15.  For any information on this workshop or any of the groups we offer please feel free to contact us.

Have a great weekend all see you on Monday!


Last Updated: 10 January 2020 1:50 pm