Pancakes and Dragon Eggs

Tuesday was pancake day and The Hut got fully involved in the flipping madness.  The Hut purchased 2 new hot plates and frying pans for the ever popular and always evolving food workshop and thought the best way to test out the new equipment was making pancakes.

The afternoon was great fun!! Members worked in pairs following a recipe making pancake batter. They were then supported to cook their own pancakes.  Some members even had a go flipping their pancakes and none of them ended up on the ceiling.  They also had a wide range of toppings to choose from including the classic lemon and sugar.  It was a very tastey afternoon for all.  Along with the sweet pancake treats members were treated with having Emma help them with their pancakes.  This doesn’t happen very often as Emma is always working hard in the background to keep The Hut running as smoothly as it does.  So to have Emma out in the main room getting involved with the fun was great to see and the members just loved it having the opportunity to interact with their favorite Service Manager.
The Tuesday food workshops are well loved and very well attended. The session aims to help give members simple kitchen skills and the opportunity to practice these skills in a supportive environment.  It is hoped that from the workshop members can go home and try out their new skills, with each session they go home with something they have made and the recipe card to make it at home.  We also hope to help educate with healthy recipes and giving the members the opportunity to try some new foods they may have already decided they don’t like.  The new hot plates and pans now give us a wider range of recipes we can try and skills members can learn.
The Art workshop finished off their dragon eggs (don’t worry these were not used in the pancake making) .  These look fantastic and members have really enjoyed working with clay and using their imaginations to create their magical dragon egg.  More 3D work to carry on in art workshops come and get involved get your hands dirty.
Last Updated: 2 March 2020 11:51 am