This week at The Hut

Wednesday we welcomed back Lorri and MEG with the African drum workshop.  This workshop has been running for over a year now and members who attend love the group.  Members learn about the African drum itself and how to play it properly.  They work on rhythm and playing specific beats in order, Lorri does this with lots of different games but its about having fun together in a group.  Its a great space to learn and even get out some frustration if you need it members really get into it.  It runs every other week the next African drum workshop will be at 14:00 on the 29th January 2020.

We’ve had some fun in crafts this week.  Tuesday members made crazy looking little creatures for their very own “hook a duck” carnival game.  Simply using paper cups, a selection of different materials and the members imaginations they created their own creatures to be caught.  Its great to see what members come up with as you can see in the photos, Emma even got one made in her likeness.  Finished off putting all the creations together members and even staff (they couldn’t resist) had a go catching the creatures with their Hut made fishing rods.  It is not as easy as it looked, but loads of fun had.

Max on Thursday put together a brilliant craft for the members.  He showed them how to put together a simple plaque shaped like a little house.  Members then were able to paint and decorate them however they liked.  These little decorations looked beautiful, they’re that good we’re going to make some to be sold as part of our Hut made products.  Members always have great fun with Max, he makes them laugh and encourages them to be creative with their crafts.  Smiles all round.

Finally we extend a huge THANK YOU to our friends from “Your Choice Your Voice”.  The group was donated money by Jo Wilson who is the mother of Toni Wilson a member of The Hut and Your Choice Your Voice.  Jo along with support workers who attend and run “Your Choice Your Voice” decided it would be nice to donate some of the money to other worth while groups in York and we were one of them and have been given £100.  For any group that runs itself this is a lot of money and The Hut is so very grateful for the donation.  We know that they could of easily found worthwhile equipment to spend on their own group but decided to donate to us, we feel very privileged and love having you guys at The Hut any time and working with you all.  Small groups and charities working together The Hut loves to do this!!



Last Updated: 17 January 2020 2:19 pm