Update The Hut Re-Opening

Good Evening,
On behalf of myself and the Trustees we would like to let you know that The Hut will be opening our doors on Tuesday 1st September.
There will be some changes needed to enable us to reopen safely, we will initially open 11-3 and have a booking in system.
All members will be notified over the next few weeks of our temporary changes and you will be able to find details on our website.
Please be patient we have a lot of lovely members to get in touch with, if you don’t hear from us by 24th August it might be we haven’t got up to date information and you would be welcome to email, or call as I will be back at The Hut working from that date.
We are really looking forward to being back open and seeing you all again.
Kind regards,
Service Manager
Last Updated: 27 July 2020 7:29 pm