So if you didn’t know this last week saw Emma and Jonny attempt and complete the bonkers challenge of dancing continuously for the entire opening time of The Hut (6 hours).

The day was a resounding success.  All the members were fantastic as always keeping Emma and Jonny going throughout the day,  dancing with them and giving lots and lots of encouragement.  Members also took sponsor forms and collected sponsors from their friends and family to help with the service they love.  One particular member deserves a shout out, Brian,  who basically danced the whole day as well.  He only stopped when told to, his dedication was second to none and his funky moves put Emma and Jonny to shame.  Thank you Brian!!
This challenge was the brain child of Emma to raise vital funds for the exciting expansion plans of The Hut.  However everyone has been told by Emma any future crazy ideas to tell her to keep them to herself!  As hard as it was and as much as Jonny complained all the way up until the day it was great fun.  Emma always drives us all to challenge ourselves make The Hut bigger and better and these events we do bring in much needed money and visibility for the great service The Hut is.  This is why no mater how hard the challenge is we always get behind Emma and The Hut.  So a huge THANK YOU to Emma for never letting us stand still metaphorically and literally.
We were also very lucky to have lots of help and support from the local community.  Dom at Anytime Gym York did us a warm up video to get Emma and Jonny ready for the day ahead.  Goodfillers a local sandwich shop donated sandwiches for lunch to keep every one going.  GoodGym York came down for an hour to join in the dancing and keep everyone’s spirits up with their never faulting energy.  MEG (York University Music Education Group) came down to play some live music which slowed the tempo down a bit to give Emma and Jonny a bit of a rest and members were able to get hold of some musical instruments to play along.  Festival of Fun fancy dress shop also supplied Jonny with his, as i’m sure you will all agree, fantastic outfit that’s now in his wardrobe ready for the next time he goes out dancing.
We are yet to get an exact total of how much we have raised.  When we have the total we will post it on social media for all to see, lets just say the members have done themselves proud as always we could not do it without them.  You can still donate to The Hut just follow the link  For all who supported us and support us every day THANK YOU!!!  Now for the next challenge.
Last Updated: 24 February 2020 11:03 am