Peer Mentor Graduation

This week also saw the graduation of our much valued peer mentors.  The ceremony took place during our Annual General Meeting, so our trustees, volunteers and members could join in with this fantastic achievement.

For all of you that don’t know about the Peer Mentor scheme I’ll give a brief description about it, however the person who knows it best is our volunteer and new trustee Emma Drake, but more on that lovely lady later.

The aim of the peer mentoring programme was to provide a number of members with skills to engage and build purposeful relationships with members who are not as far along in their recovery journey.  In particular, alongside displaying role model behaviours, the mentors learn to use active listening skills to support, encourage and share their knowledge and experiences.  Further more, inspiring members to challenge themselves whilst at The Hut, comfortable they are being supported by the mentor. (not my words unfortunately not that eloquent)

The peer mentors for me have become invaluable, showing skills and insights i have no clue about and that’s exactly what The Hut is here for, for us all to  earn off each other on the same level in a safe space.  Not only helping with the members taking the time to listen and support the guys have helped me in day to day jobs which is not part of their peer mentoring going above and beyond and for that I thank you all!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Emma for all her hard work.  Some may or may not know, Emma Drake has spear headed this project with Emma Harris also helping and supporting (I know it got confusing for me. Too many Emma’s and still does lets just say Emma D and Emma H saves my fingers).  Emma D along with doing her dissertation has taken time out to run workshops with Emma H and with the peer mentors and to have regular meetings with individuals to support them when needed.  She has worked with Emma H to put the programme together and been in constant contact with peer mentors and The Hut.  Like I said all at the same time working on completing a degree, that is a level of dedication we should all aspire to have, shows the great love Emma has for The Hut and I and we would like to reciprocate that love.  Thank you so much any one interested in the peer mentoring please ask.

So finally the photos and a HUGE congratulations to David, Katie, Kev and Saffron well done guys you are AMAZING!!!!!





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