Stuffed Peppers and Guitars

This week in the all new Food Workshop (next one is 4th February 2020 at 13:15) members created some very tasty stuffed peppers.  Members learnt how to make couscous, then chopped all the vegetables to go in it and stuffed into some lovely fresh red peppers.  They also made a mint and cucumber yogurt dip to go with it.  Its a great group this members have lots of fun and are learning new skills each time.  They also get to take home something tasty they have made and a recipe sheet for them to keep and make at home.

Annabelle was in again on Thursday morning for the song writing workshop with some friends from MEG.  Guitars and ukuleles were out and members are starting to get very good with them.  They worked on chords and playing all together.  They are getting better and better every week.

As always some very fun crafts created all, devised by Max.  Some simple rock painting but very effective, and some wonderful imagination with creatures made from polystyrene balls.











Last Updated: 24 January 2020 4:18 pm