What to expect when you arrive at The Hut – Policy September 2020

Policy for members attending The Hut – September 2020

We want you to have the best experience when you attend The Hut, please read the following:

Due to COVID-19 we have limited places, we have 5 spaces available for a members who comes with support.

We only operate a booking system now at The Hut and we ask you to call to book 01904 652991 please leave a message on the answer machine and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as we can or email, bookings@thehutyork.co.uk it will be a first come first served basis. (By doing this it will give us the time of when you called or emailed making sure we offer a fair booking/cancellation system)

Cancellation of bookings – We need 48 hours notice, if you do this we will issue a credit note to use at a later date of your choice. If you cancel by email or leave a message on the answer machine, we will look at the date and time when we received the email and confirm we have received your cancellation and issue a credit note.

‘No shows’ or late notice cancellations will not get a credit note

Opening Times: 11am-12.45pm and 1.15-3pm Full day is 11am-3pm

Session Times: – To arrive by 11am. We will start promptly at 11.15am, or if you are just coming for the afternoon, 1.15pm. We will start promptly at 1.30pm  if you are late you may have to wait until we are able to come and open up, we ask for your patience if this happens.

Other important information

  • You enter by the far door, there are signs to help and it is at the top of the wood-chipped area
  • If you arrive for your session please wait outside on the wood-chipped path, remembering to social distance from the person in front
  • A member of the team will come out at 11am to greet you all, and there will be hand sanitiser for everyone to put on before entering The Hut
  • You will then be guided to the entrance one by one where you will complete the Track and Trace system we have put in place for everyone’s safety
  • Once inside a member of the team will assist you to where you will be seated
  • Inside is a one way system, at the beginning of each session we will point this out and any general information you may need.
  • Where possible please wear a face covering, if you can not wear one, please let one of the team know
  • The team will be cleaning for your safety through out the day
  • On leaving The Hut at the end of the session you will leave by the door nearest to the road

Smoking – For those who smoke, there is a designated area for smoking away from the front door, you will come back in via the far door and use the hand sanitiser

Lunch – If you are staying all day or coming for the morning session, please bring a packed lunch with you.  We have a water cooler therefore we encourage you to bring a bottle/cup for you to use, we no longer offer hot drinks

We will have a walk over the lunch time for those staying all day unless the weather is very poor so please bring appropriate clothing for all weathers – 12.50-1.15 (this is optional, encouraged to go for a walk but never forced)

The ASPIRE Programme – Bookings and cancellation of these sessions are followed in the same way as the normal Activity led sessions.  Timings: Arrive for 3pm with a prompt start of 3.15pm late arrivals will unfortunately be unable to come in due to the nature of the sessions.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support it really means so much to myself and the team!

Kind regards,


Service Manager 



Last Updated: 15 September 2020 2:28 pm