Members Led Committee

As a Members Led Charity we as members are actively involved in all aspect of how The Hut is run. Discissions that are needed to be made we feel are views and involvement are valued and listened to.

Policy for attending The Hut – we have written this together.

Members policy 2023

Please meet: Members Led Committee

Members: All members

Our job is to work with Emma, Service Manager and to be the voice of our members. To look at the polices of The Hut, and the way we are run to make sure that our voice is heard and any changes we have our say.

The groups agreement on how to be at The Hut:

14/02/24 update

Hi all, J Mac here to update you

The Wednesday members had a mini consultation about changes they would like to make to this group and day.

What we talked about :

  • To keep this day the quieter day, having a smaller number attend
  • To hold the day in the Hubble
  • To include a drop in from 10-11 for anyone wanting to visit for a cuppa and chat
  • To have an afternoon Wellness Club session
  • This will be in place from 28th February 2024 and Emma will update the website and timetable to reflect this

30/11/23 update

Hi all, Natalie here. In todays session we had a chat about January sessions for the new timetable – changes were made and updated. I am pleased to say that I signed these off today and they will be added to the website in the next week.

For the 12th Anniversary Members decided to update the logo, they were some choices and the winning vote goes to this one:

What else have we been up to?

  • In January, at Easter and in September we update with the staff team our timetables. This could be new name changes for sessions or a change around of when we have some of our sessions or if we feel that they are not what we want to do anymore. – please see in our activities sections our up to date timetable.
  • How COVID – 19 effected us all and what changes we needed everyone to follow.
  • If we wanted to have an increase in fees, drinks. all agreed that The Hut is good value for money.
  • To include a Woodwork session.
  • Ideas about the garden
  • Updating the Members agreement

What we are working on now:

As you will all be aware we had some building work done at the Hubble, which is now home to the Wellness Club, and a new roof on the main building. We are now working as members to come up with a mood board of ideas for the inside of the main building.  Emma has asked if we would like to attend a future trustee meeting to share our ideas. May I say we are very excited about this and will share our ideas with you soon.

Please meet our Health & Safety Rep, Martin

I make sure that everyone follows the important rules and keeps themselves safe.

Please meet our Infection Control Rep, J Mac

Looking after the cleanliness, stocking up what is needed.

7th May 2024

Natalie here, just wanted to update you with some changes to one of our groups in the Wellness Club.

Tuesday 10.30-11.15 changed from Funny Bones to ‘Happy Times’

We’ve updated some of the part to the group, still keeping the laughter, fun and dancing

I am pleased to say may I say I have signed off the changes. The will be added to the website soon.

Love Natalie




Come back here soon and find out what we are doing behind the scenes as we will be updating this page regularly.

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