Volunteering experience at The Hut

We are very proud of what we do at The Hut, today we had the daughter of one of our volunteers come and spend the day with us. She wanted to get an understanding of what we do, why people volunteer and a better undertanding of mental health. Emma gave her some training like our volunteers get with us and then she spent time supporting some of our members in the craft session.
Breaking down barriers and stigma around mental health and learning disabilities and everyone just being part of The Hut community is so important and we were happy to have someone who wants to learn and understand more! Thank you for coming and visiting us for the daylucy volunteer

Training on Food awareness

We have had an exciting couple of sessions on Food awareness with the Recovery Group who book our Engine Room for their sessions – Emma our Service manager delivered their training, she also offers other training and if you require further info on any of the courses we offer please get in touch via info@thehutyork.co.uk
Well done to all who attended recovery services 130218

Learning practical skills at The Hut

amber7218Our members are very important to us a The Hut, without them we just wouldn’t be The Hut!
Today one of our members Amber came in with some sewing she had made at home, she had got her dad to go out and get her some material for her to make a cushion. This was because she had learnt sewing skills whilst on her weekly visit to us and wanted to practice them at home, we were so happy to see what she had made and Jonny was pleased to see her using her skills – so well done, the cushion looks so well made! Amber has been attending The Hut with support for a couple of months. When I asked her why she comes she said it was a fun space and everyone is so friendly she particularly liked the banter between her and Jonny and that she is learning knew skills. Her support worker said that she has seen her grow in confidence, this was so evident through my chat with Amber as she was smiling and laughing.
This is why Jonny and I really do love our jobs! So thank you Amber and the rest of our members!
We would love to see new faces come in to The Hut and find out what we do!
Emma – Service Manager

iMUSE coming to The Hut

What is iMUSE?

Come along and try iMUSE at The Hut!

iMUSE provides a space where you can relax, forget the outside world and feel free from anxiety and stress.

IMUSE is an interactive multi-sensory environment. It uses a combination of vibro-acoustic technology, music and visuals to provide a 1-to-1 creative and therapeutic experience.

Each 1-to-1 session lasts for 30 minutes. Our facilitator works with you to find out which sounds, music and visuals help you to relax and focus. They then use these to personalise your iMUSE experience so it’s tailor-made for you.

“iMUSE is really good! I can go into a zone of my own where I can relax and feel free from the negative stresses that I feel most of the rest of the time. It allows me some time out to forget this negativity and it is also helping me to learn to cope better. I’ve found that by concentrating on the visual images I can focus and block out negative thoughts, be creative again, as well as helping me to get through the day more easily.” Joe, mental health service user

Where do sessions take place?

We’ll be running sessions for 12 weeks from February 13th 2018

Where: The Hut Wigginton Rd, York YO31 8HG

When: Tuesdays 2-8 (30 min sessions)

Sessions are free of charge during this initial 12-week period.


To book a session or to find out more contact:  julie.green@aamedia.org.uk or call: 01904 626965


Welcome to new members

New Members – Come down on a Tuesday morning and meet the members, volunteers, Emma and Jonny find out more about what we do.
You will get a warm welcome, we are open from 10am – Look forward to seeing you

Please have a look through our website and see some of the activities on offer

Happy New Year and first update of the year

Happy New Year to you all

There are a couple of changes to sessions:
Tuesday morning is a drop in social session where members can meet pop in and have a chat with the team
Friday afternoon is now a crafting session.

There is an increase to session fees, these are available on request.

We look forward to seeing you throughout 2018

When is The Hut Closed?

We will be close on Friday 15th December for staff training

The opening times over the holiday period are as follows:

We are closed Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th December and Monday 1st January back to normal hours of 10-4 from Tuesday 2nd January

Advent Bazaar

Thank you to our amazing fundraising volunteers for holding an Advent Bazaar in Helmsley yesterday and to everyone who supported them by going along, amazing cakes that Emma and her mum had to try and great gifts! Everyone was so supportive of The Hut and we had a great day!advent